Tenant FAQ

How do I determine when a maintenance request is “urgent” or “non-urgent”?

If the maintenance issue will cause immediate or quick damage to other property in your place or your neighbor’s place, it is URGENT. Fire is EMERGENCY and the Fire Department or 911 should be called immediately. A burst water pipe where water is spewing all over the floor causing flooding and damage is URGENT. The tenant should make an attempt to stop the flow of water and make a call to the property manager immediately for immediate attention. If the maintenance issue if left undone will cause further damage within the upcoming days, weeks, months, then it is non-urgent but the call should be made during normal duty hours so that the issue can be addressed as soon as practical so no further damage can be done.

Do you allow pets in your rental properties?

Pet restrictions are dependent on the property you are considering renting. Some complexes have pet restrictions. Some city/county jurisdictions have restrictive pet ordinances. Some private owners do not wish pets to be allowed in their properties. So the answer to the question is “it depends.”

If the animal is a service animal then it is allowed in accordance with all state and federal laws.